Inspired Chefs

Taste the extraordinary

In 2013, a unique ice cream experience was born. We brought together the best culinary experts in Singapore to craft a product of their creative inspiration.

The result is handcrafted, signature ice cream from The Inspired Chef. Indulge in premium ice cream flavors that combine local taste traditions with top quality ingredients - wherever you are. Because we believe in exceptional service, we deliver every ice cream order to you.

Get ready to taste the extraordinary.

22 November 2013

Pastry chef Janice Wong shares her inspirations on AM LIVE!

Janice shares her inspiration behind The Inspired Chef's signature

14 October 2013

Find out what happened at the official media launch event!

On August 27, The Inspired Chef was officially launched via an

16 August 2013

Find out what Jemma loves about The Inspired Chef!

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